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Megami #56: January 2005
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Written by maehara   
Saturday, 08 January 2005 06:43
Megami #56 - Cover ImageSinceNewtype/USA decided to drop their DVD and then upped their price, I'm left anticipating the arrival of just one magazine each month - fanservice favourite Megami.  To welcome in the new year, a slight change to the review format for the magazine - a few small scans, just to whet your appetitie.  I only have an A4 scanner, mind you, so don't mind if you miss the best bits...

Pull-Out Poster
Air (group pic)
Kakyuusei 2

Other Posters
Raimuiro Senkitan (new series - group uniform pic)
Uta~Kata (yukata pic)
Akane Maniax (Akane uniform pic)
Musumet (group pic)
Galaxy Angel (Ranpha and Millfuelle in Santa gear - pictured)
Final Approach (onsen group pic)
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
DC ~Da Capo~
Tsukuyomi Moon Phase
(Hazuki - pictured)
To Heart ~Remember my Memories~ (cover illustration)
HaniHani ~Operation Sanctuary~ (Christmas pic)
My:HiME (waitress uniform pic)
Gunbuster 2
Soul Link
UFO no Natsu
Machiko Sensei
New Stars
Girl's Avenue
Tristia of the Deep Blue Sea

Megami #56 - Galaxy Angel PosterMegami #56 - Tsukuyomi Moon Phase Poster

Comic Megami preview - mini-manga insert to promote upcoming Comic Megami magazine

Ah! Megami-sama TV (pictured)
Raimuiro Senkitan (new series)
Air TV
Girls Bravo 2nd Season
(now with added ecchiness, apparently...)
To Heart ~Remember my Memories~
School Rumble
Kannaduki no Miko
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
Rozen Maiden
Final Approach
Kakyuusei 2
Tsukuyomi Moon Phase
HaniHani ~Operation Sanctuary~

Megami #56 - Ah! Megami-sama ArticleMegami #56 - Kannaduki no Miko Article the usual game, release & hentai sections.

With January being the new season in Japan, there are a fair few articles in this issue that take a look at some upcoming or returning shows - and to be fair, that's the main draw this month, as the posters are a pretty lacklustre bunch.  My personal favourites are the Tsukuyomi Moon Phase and Raimuiro Senkitan ones, and past that there's nothing the really jumps out of the page at you.

Overall, then, some interesting articles but not quite up to the usual high Megami standard.

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