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Megami #60: May 2005
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Written by maehara   
Friday, 15 April 2005 11:34
Megami - Issue #60 (Cover Art)Yes, this issue of Megami has indulged in some censorship of nippleage, which you can read more about in the main review.  No, it's not the end of the world, and I won't be starting the Megami Alliance.  Not yet, anyway.  Barring one unfortunate article, this month's issue goes back to pushing the limits of good taste - just as long as no pointy body parts are on view...

Pull-Out Poster
Ah! My Goddess (Belldandy)
He Is My Master

Other Posters
My:HiME x2 (Mai and Natsuki onsen pic; Mai in her school uniform)
Uta~Kata (Ichika in the Djinn of the Wind costume from episode 7 - pictured)
Raimuiro Ryuukitan X (Aya gives Inishiki a breast examination)
Koi Koi 7
Galaxy Angel
(Milfuelle in pyjamas)
Comic Party Revolution (group pic of the CP girls)
Yami to Bousihi to Hon no Tabibito (Lilith, with not much on)
Air TV (Misuzu)
Shuffle! (group pic)
Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~ (Kozue and her alter-egos - pictured)
Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu
DC ~Second Season~
x4 (one pic of each of the lead girls) 3 others I couldn't identify, along with the regular Girl's Avenue and New Stars posters.

Megami - Uta~KataMegami - Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~

Rozen Maiden Träumend
Air TV
Mahou Sensei Negima
He Is My Master
Koi Koi 7
Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan
Futakoi Alternative
School Rumble
Raimuiro Ryuukitan X
Girls Bravo
Ah! My Goddess
Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu
Munto the usual release info, game and hentai sections.

Megami - Rozen Maiden TräumendMegami - Raimuiro Ryuukitan X

It's the Girls Bravo article that has the unfortunate 'censorship', with little hearts placed where other bodyparts would otherwise have been protruding.  For anyone worrying that this is signalling a more prudish approach by the magazine, other shots in the same article (and a few of this month's posters) would seem to say otherwise.  Japan's censorship is notoriously patchy, and it seems Megami has been testing the waters to see what they can get away with.  Give them a few months, and I'd bet normal service will be resumed.

Away from that little controversy, this is quite a good issue, poster-wise, with the My:HiME onsen pic & Uta~Kata pic, both 3-pane posters, being my personal favourites.  This month's articles feature a number of new shows - as the new season has just started in Japan, there's quite a bit of promotional work for them to get through, although last season's favourites aren't forgotten, either.

Overall, then, well worth getting if a few strategically-placed hearts don't make your blood boil.  I've always been more interested in the moe side of Megami than the ecchi side, so from my own point of view it's no big deal - this is still the best artwork magazine out there.

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