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FUNimation ♥ GONZO, Revisited PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 23 March 2009 11:39

So it's not that long ago that I half-jokingly wrote that FUNimation ♥ GONZO, but now it seems that they've consummated their relationship. To follow the analogy through to it's logical end, they're now going at it like rabbits to produce a steady stream of shows for FUNi's streaming service. (Sorry.) In case all that has you thoroughly confused, the latest news is that the two comanies have entered a "strategic alliance" that will see GONZO shows added to FUNi's streaming and download-to-own services. Tower of DRUAGA and BLASSREITER will be the first to be handled under the deal, with the aim being for FUNi to join Crunchyroll in simulcasting GONZO's titles. For those with a grudge against CR, this will provide an alternative route to get your hands on the shows concerned.

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