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FUNi Round Out Roll-Out Riot with Hetalia & Sacred Blacksmith PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 11 January 2010 15:42

Hetalia - Axis PowersSacred BlacksmithThe final day of FUNimation's Roll-Out Riot event reached its end on Friday, with two titles that personally I've never seen but that appear to have their own dedicated followings. The first is Hetalia - Axis Powers, a comedy series that takes the nations of the world, creates human personifications of them, and sets them to work at recreating history. The series gained a certain amount of infamy during its original run in Japan when South Korea collectively took offence at how their country was depicted in the series - quite a diplomatic issue at the time. FUNimation have 52 episodes, which covers the first two seasons of the series.

The second series is The Sacred Blacksmith, a swords, sorcery and demons show featuring Cecily Campbell, young head of a proud household and a new Knight Guard, who meets Luke, the Sacred Blacksmith, who has the power to forge powerful swords capable of defeating the demons who threaten the world. No word yet on release dates for either show.

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