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Tuesday, 30 March 2010 00:00

Black ButlerThere's a title I can see the politically correct crowd having some fun with. FUNimation announced their acquisition of Black Butler (aka Kuroshitsuji) at their latest online mini-con last night. Hint for those readying the pitchforks: it's about a butler who wears black, and not a butler who is black. Specifically, the butler in question is the impeccable Sebastian Michaelis, who can carry out practically any task his master requires of him — partly because he is a demon. His current master is Ciel, the Phantomhive family head who is smart, business-savvy, and all of 12 years old.

FUNi were pitching this as a "major" announcement ahead of their panel, as apparently there's been quite a bit of fan buzz around the title (and a second season, featuring a new butler and master, is scheduled to appear in Japan during the summer season), but I have to admit it's one that has passed me by. The series is based on a manga series that has currently been doing rather well for its US publisher, Yen Press, so no doubt FUNi are hoping the anime will repeat that success.

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