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Thursday, 01 April 2010 00:00

HeromanThe Spring anime season is just around the corner, and as is traditional Crunchyroll are teasing out their list of new simulcast shows. The first has been announced, and has a decidedly American feel to it - being a collaboration between the man who's arguably the king of US comics, Stan Lee, and studio BONES. The show is Heroman, which follows the story of Joey Jones, an ordinary boy without any sense of strength, who by chance comes into possession of a toy robot. Through an accident of comic book fashion, the toy becomes a giant robot, Heroman, and Joey his master. As Joey guides Heroman and teaches him right and wrong, so does Joey grow in his journey and become a hero in his own right. Now, they are the Earth's only hope for survival against a militant alien invasion. Will Joey and Heroman be able to save the world?

Answer: probably. The first episode of the series is available now to CR anime subscribers (those using the free service will have to wait a week) and is available to UK viewers. The series apparently takes Stan Lee's storytelling style and marries it with a more anime-style visual flair - much like Witchblade managed, fairly successfully. How well Heroman manages the same trick remains to be seen.

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