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Monday, 14 June 2010 10:50

I've been out of the loop on UK news for the past few weeks - sorry! - so there have been a few notable announcements that I essentially missed. Here, then, is a quick round-up of who's licensed what over the past few weeks:

Beez: Durarara!!, Gundam 00 Season 2, Gundam Zeta Movie Trilogy, Outlaw Star
MVM: Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit, Slayers Revolution, Slayers Evolution-R, Blade of the Immortal
Manga: Baccano, Eden of the East, Vampire Knight, Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva
Crunchyroll: Bleach, Spellbound Magical Princess

Also worth noting is First Squad, the highly-regarded movie from Studio 4C. It's been picked up for release in the US by Manga Entertainment, but while Manga UK have confirmed that they won't be releasing it, they've also teasingly noted that we should expect an announcement from "one of their competitors" soon - so someone has it. Place your bets now.

Finally, there's the news that MVM are moving to the multi-disc sets that are now essentially standard for UK releases. And that's it for your June news catchup. :)

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