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Manga UK Confirms 4 Nixed Releases PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 17 June 2010 14:19

Manga UKSeems the best place to get UK anime news these days in on Twitter, especially if you're talking about Manga UK. Their latest tidbit dealt with a number of shows that Manga announced they'd licensed - and we're going back a few years here - but that have yet to hit the streets: Viz titles Honey & Clover and Ichigo 100%, and FUNimation shows Save Me Lollipop and Sasami Magical Girl Club.

@Neferpitou: @MangaUK Are previously announced titles "Save Me Lollipop, Sasami, Honey & Clover and Ichigo 100%" no longer coming out for Manga UK?

@MangaUK: @Neferpitou These titles will probably not get a UK DVD release. Sorry!

So there you go. Nothing there that was really worth getting all that excited about, to be honest, but it's nice to know one way or the other. And they say Twitter's a waster of space. :) Manga have since kindly pointed out that while the DVD releases aren't going to happen, they're still looking into the possibility of digital distribution for the titles at some point.

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