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Saturday, 14 August 2010 14:07
As I type, Beez's Andrew Partridge is on stage at Amecon, leading the company's industry panel. He'd set up a "guess the license" game earlier in the week, with clues given for four new titles, and the first order of business was to give the answers: their new titles are Sora Kake Girl (The Girl Who Leapt Through Space), Sora no Woto, Lucky Star and, from the archives, Outlaw Star. Another announcement, The Big O, had already been spoiled for them when its BBFC rating was spotted a few weeks ago.

Lucky Star, including the OVAs, will be released in half-season sets. It's a high-school comedy with a rather wacky tone to it, and while it has a dedicated fan following I have to say it's one of those titles that may now fly too well in the more action- and violence-heavy UK market. We shall see. More release details should be available in time for October's London Expo.

Outlaw Star and The Big O, being older titles, will both be heading straight for Beez's Anime Legends line. I've somehow managed to miss The Big O until now, but it apparently brings something of a Batman vibe to the giant robot genre, while Outlaw Star is an old favourite of mine, a space adventure show of the sort that we don't often get to see these days.

Their license for Durarara!! had been announced previously, but it seems it'll be getting a rather unusual release. A sub-only release will appear in October, in three sets costing £24.99 each, with a more traditional bilingual release coming later - an upgrade programme will be offered for those who want the dub but can't wait.

As for the other titles, there are no specific details, by Andrew has stated that they're moving towards getting new titles out as quickly as possible now. More details later if anything else important comes out of the panel.

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