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Wednesday, 18 August 2010 10:58

Sentai Filmworks released their November slate yesterday, and as is now traditional for them it contained two new titles: Uta-Kata, and Taisho Baseball Girls.

Uta-KataUta-Kata dates from 2004, and is an unusual take on the magical girl genre from Keiji Gotoh (better known for Kiddy Grade, amongst other things). The series sees young girl Ichika being guided through a series of tests by mysterious friend Manatsu, who first appeared out of a mirror - but with each test growing harder and Ichika having problems controlling the magical powers that she's required to use, it soon becomes apparent that Ichika has some difficult choices ahead. This is from my personal "we'll never see it" list, and I see from the outpouring of glee on Twitter yesterday when the release was announced that I'm not alone in being glad to see it finally hit the West. Already pre-ordered. It'll ship as a 13-episode complete collection (that's the 12-episode TV series and follow-up OVA), subtitled-only, on 2 November.

Taisho Baseball GirlsThe other title, Taisho Baseball Girls, was new to me but also sounds intriguing. Dating from 2009, the series is based on two historical slice-of-life novels by Atsushi Kagurazaka and follows Koume and Akiko, two 14-year-old girls, who are determined to prove that girls can be just as good as boys by forming a baseball team - and this during a time when such things were very much not expected of females. Again, its release is subtitled-only, and its the streets as a complete collection 16 November.

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