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Viz Nabs Vampire Knight: Guilty PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 28 August 2010 11:54

Vampire Knight

We've known for a while that Viz Media had the first season of Vampire Knight (which has been picked up for UK release by Manga Entertainment). Now there's confirmation, by way of an incidental post on their Facebook page, that they'll also be releasing the second season of the series, Vampire Knight: Guilty. I haven't seen any of the VK anime myself, but the first few volumes of the manga were certainly intriguing enough to make me interested - despite it being a rather angsty shojou series at heart. The series will make its first appearances on Viz's online streaming service, although since that's based on Hulu it won't be available to the UK. Hat-tip to @AnimeNewsdotbiz on Twitter for spotting the announcement.

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