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Friday, 08 April 2011 10:40

Anime On DemandAs I type, AnimeOnDemand are holding a little guessing game on Twitter (follow along here) as their way of announcing three new simulcast titles. Updates here as the titles are confirmed.

Steins;Gate1 - Steins;Gate - a 2-cour show, based on a Nitro+ visual novel that follows an eclectic group of individuals who have the ability to send text messages to the past. However throughout their experimentation process, an organization named SERN who has been doing their own research on time travel tracks them down. Now it’s a careful game of cat and mouse to not get caught and moreover, try to survive.

Crunchyroll have the streaming rights for this one for just about everywhere except the UK and Ireland, so now we know why. The series is set in the same universe as previous Nitro+ series Chaos;head, but I'm told there's otherwise no overlap between the two shows. Other anime adaptations of Nitro+ VNs include Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom and Demonbane.

My Ordinary Life -nichijou-2 - My Ordinary Life -nichijou- - a non-exclusive title, as Crunchyroll have already begun streaming this one (check out our First Thoughts article). The series is a comedy set in a school where the word "ordinary" could only rarely be used to describe the goings-on there. The artwork for the series has a very Azumanga Daioh vibe to it, and with the show seeming to take a similarly wacky outlook as well, we could be in for something worthwhile here once it really gets going.

Production of the series is by Kyoto Animation, so expect their trademark TLC on the visuals. It's a rather different kettle of fish from K-On!, though, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of it.

Deadman Wonderland3 - Deadman Wonderland - another title shared with Crunchyroll, this one channels at least a little bit of Running Man, by the sounds of it, and could be one of the more intriguing offerings of the season. Set after Tokyo has been devastated by an earthquake (hmmm...), it follows Ganta Igarashi, a middle school student who was framed for the murder of his classmates and has been sentenced to Deadman Wonderland, a bizarre privatized prison that is one part incarceration and one part public spectacle for tourists.

Dates & times for the debut of all three shows are yet to be announced, but we'll be sure to let you know as soon as we do...

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