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Katsucon Licenses: MB & Bandai PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 21 February 2005 00:52
Several announcements from Katsucon this past weekend - on top of Grenadier that was mentioned earlier, Media Blasters have confirmed Ah! My Goddess TV (making three different companies for the three A!MG versions, although MB say they will be trying to pull together the cast from either Animeigo's or Geneon's releases), Hinotori, Genshiken, and Phantom the Animation.  They have also picked up the Master of Mosquiton OVA, which I believe used to be an ADV title.  MB are becoming quite the masters of picking up lapsed licenses...   Bandai, meanwhile, have picked up Panda Z.

My future seems to include spending large amount of money on MB titles...

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