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Monday, 26 November 2007 06:59

BostKeitai Shoujo

Anime download service Bost has launched its international anime download service, featuring shows that until now were unlicensed for distribution in the West. The selection of titles varies depending on your country of residence (the UK selection is limited to cellphone-themed series Keitai Shoujo), but with such gems as HanTsuki on the books, they're showing potential in terms of their selection. The focus on shows that can't be got any other way is also a unique selling point.

As for the dreaded DRM and platform-locking that had plagued other services - Bost uses Flash video streaming, a la YouTube, and so will work the Windows, Mac or Linux. Cost per episode varies between free and around US$2, with payment made through "Bost Points" that can be bought using a PayPal account. It's a rental service, not download-to-own (typical rental period two weeks), but the enterprising will be able to find several apps that allow you to "rip" Flash content from sites. Don't ask me where - ask Google. Sound promising, though, and if the UK content can be increased it could well be worth a look.

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