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FUNi Website Breach Leads to Disappearance of One Piece, FMA Streaming PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 01 June 2009 11:08

FUNimationFUNimation had been due to begin simulcasting popular shonen series One Piece over the weekend - until some whizzkid managed to secure a copy of the episode, #403, and post it to BitTorrent trackers ahead of the scheduled release. As a result, online streaming of both One Piece and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood has been withdrawn for the time being (FMA:B is apparently still available on both YouTube and Hulu in the US, but this won't help UK viewers - roll on Manga's planned streaming of the show). FUNi are using very strong language in their comments on the security breach that led to the leak:

"An unknown individual accessed and posted episode 403 online and as a direct result of this illegal act, all U.S. and Canadian fans will be deprived of access to this great anime series for the immediate future. We will make every effort to locate and prosecute the perpetrator(s) to the fullest extent of the law and will provide updates regarding this most serious matter."

Perish the thought that fandom may have had to wait a few more hours to see the episode...

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