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Friday, 10 July 2009 12:12
Charger GirlWe mentioned Crunchyroll's acquisition of Charger Girl earlier in the week - now for the bad new. The show currently airs in Japan on satellite channel AT-X, which is (in)famous for leaving more fanservice-laden shows uncut while other channels lay in with the censor's scissors. Charger Girl - currently an AT-X exclusive - sails very close to the edge, close enough that Crunchyroll are taking no chances and have edited the show themselves:

"In preparing the title for a broader audience, avex entertainment, Inc. and Crunchyroll have worked closely together to make slight alterations to the original Japanese version of the show, which will later be used for its Japanese rebroadcast on UHF stations. [...] Due to the nature of the original AT-X version, Crunchyroll chose to air the censored version of Charger Girl Ju-den Chan to ensure the protection of our younger audiences and allow all audiences to watch and enjoy Charger Girl Ju-den Chan."

In a word, bah...

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