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Tuesday, 06 October 2009 11:31

Strike WitchesBack when GONZO's fanservice spectacular Strike Witches was originally being streamed, there was a but on on online who-ha over the detail that it was the edited-for-TV version that was being streamed. The collective internet "Booo!" was audible. Now, though, FUNimation seem to be righting that particular wrong (for US viewers, anyway - their streaming portal is still blocked to UK viewers who won't or can't resort to sneakery) and in streaming the series in all its un-steamy glory. Want it? Can't have it. Again.

UPDATE: This just in from FUNi's Twitter feed: "Due to the mature content contained within the series Strike Witches and the feedback we received from some of our fans following its streaming launch on, we have replaced the originally posted unedited episodes with their edited versions. The uncut episodes will be on the DVD release and any future subscription or download-to-own digital platforms."

So we're back to "Want it? Can't have it." Strikes me as a bit of a bait-and-switch, though - tease the fans with the uncut version, then make clear that if they want it, they'll have to pay for it. Nice one - not.

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