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Friday, 30 October 2009 00:00

Devil May CryWhat They Say...
Struggling to stay on top of his ever-increasing financial problems, Dante makes a paltry living by running his small demon hunting business, Devil May Cry, along with his agent, Morrison. Half-demon himself and armed with a variety of weapons – including his twin pistols, Ebony and Ivory, and a massive sword he calls Rebellion – Dante is a fearsome foe for anybody who stands in his way, particularly those who are not human. His only weaknesses are beer, pizza and the women in his life. Among them are the young orphan girl Patty Lowell, a feisty fellow demon hunter named Lady, to whom he owes a sizeable amount of money, and Dante's beautiful and mysterious ex-partner Trish, who returns to his life unexpectedly and delivers a whole new bunch of problems.

Together (and often separately!), Dante, Lady, Trish, Patty and Morrison take on a never-ending horde of human-impersonating demons, their one intention being to send them straight back to Hell.

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