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Monday, 11 January 2010 15:48

FUNimationBack when FUNimation first pulled the plug on their streaming service for users outside North America, promises were made that it would return to the UK as soon as some outsanding rights issues had been tied up. We've been waiting patiently since then, and apart from the odd day here and there where the site's geolocation service seemed to throw us a bone, we've had depressingly dark screens. So, when FUNi's PR gurus Lance Heiskell and Adam Sheehan were announced as guests on this week's ANNCast (a weekly anime podcast from the good folks at Anime News Network - go get it), I was neither the first nor only person to ask when we'd be getting our access back.

Sadly, the news is not good. It was confirmed during the podcast that, due to those elusive rights issues, UK access to the streaming portal will not be restored. There is a possibility that streaming of some shows can be done by the likes of Manga UK where they pick up the show for UK release (as will be happening with Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood later in the year), but that's it. Very disappointing news.

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