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Tuesday, 19 January 2010 11:26

Crunchyroll iPhone AppHot on the heels of Anime Network's iPhone app, Crunchyroll have gotten in on the act with an app on their own - and this one doesn't require a subscription (although you will need at least a free CR account). I've had a quick play with this one, and can report that it's easy to use, has good-quality streams, and - unusually for the iPhone - soft / selectable subtitles. The only downsides are that while you can browse the available videos with any 'net connection, it only streams over WiFi (the AN app apparently also streams over 3G, although I haven't tried that yet), and only gives access to streams from the free section of CR's service - even if you're a subscriber, the app doesn't give access to the early-release episodes. Considering it's a free download, though, can't really complain too much. You can find the app in iTunes or the iPhone App Store.

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