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5cm per Second Blu-ray Release Shelved PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 25 August 2010 10:41

5cm per SecondThe Blu-ray release of Makoto Shinkai's latest work, 5cm per Second, which was tentatively scheduled to be released along with the DVD edition next March, has been shelved by Manga UK. The decision appears to flow from Japanese concerns over reverse-importation - as Western releases carry a Japanese soundtrack and are significantly cheaper than their Japanese equivalents, there's a fear on the part of the licensors that the discs could be imported back into Japan, affecting sales there. How justified those fear are remain to be seen. Manga have said that a Blu-ray release will happen "eventually", but that may be as far as a few years away.

With 5cm per Second being the first of Shinkai's movies that was created specifically with HD in mind, preventing a Blu-ray release seems rather harsh of the Japanese licensors. Not that there's much we can do about it.

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