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Wednesday, 08 September 2010 16:43

Eureka Seven MovieWhile it can't claim to have the same buzz about it as its TV counterpart does, I've been quite looking forward to the UK release of the Eureka Seven movie. Unfortunately, word from Manga UK's Twitter feed is that the movie has been delayed until early 2011 due to "production issues". Boo.

UPDATE: Manga's Jerome Mazandarani has updated their blog with the reasons for the delay:

So, why have we pushed the release date back? As with most decisions we make that are unpopular, it is pure economics. The cost of authoring the Blu-ray and DVD off the HD master supplied by Bandai Visual is quite prohibitive. We would prefer to co-author the release with a number of other distributors in other territories to bring these costs down. We cannot move forward until the other parties we are in discussions with finalize their agreements with the licensor. Hence, the postponement of the UK release.

I cannot apologise enough to the many patient and loyal anime fans we have disappointed with this news. The good news is Manga has signed its contract with Bandai Visual for the Eureka Seven the Movie and paid the advance and material costs. We are definitely releasing this title. I just beg you all to be a little more patient.

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