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Fire Up Those Browsers: Melody of Oblivion, Junjo Romatica Now Streaming PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 30 November 2010 22:28

Fire up those browsers, there are two more shows making their streaming debuts this evening and available to UK viewers. First up is Melody of Oblivion, a former Geneon show with strong hints of Revolutionary Girl Utena about it that's now available via Crunchyroll, through their deal with Kadokawa Pictures. All 24 episodes are now available for your viewing pleasure if you're a subscriber - they'll be released over time (4 episodes per week) for free users.

Over at YouTube, meanwhile, Nozomi Entertainment are streaming the first episode of Junjo Romantica - further episodes of the 12-episode series will be rotated in over coming weeks in Nozomi's usual fashion. The show is a NC17-rated yaoi series, following the romantic ups and downs (ahem) of six young men. See it while you can...

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