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Tuesday, 19 December 2006 00:00
Keroro Gunso MovieI really enjoyed what I've seen of the Keroro Gunso TV series - it's currently at 132 episodes and I believe still going strong, but that length is also the reason I haven't been able to keep up with it.  This one-hour movie comes as a welcome Gunso fix, then - and fortunately, it lives up to all my expectations.  Unfortunately, I now have an almost irresistable urge to go back to watching the TV series...

While searching for his lost 100-yen coin, Keroro stumbles into what appears to be the shrine of an ancient civilisation - just what you expect to find in modern-day Tokyo - and, true to form, manages to destroy something that seems to have been important.  He legs it back to the "real" world outside the shrine as fast as his little legs can carry him, but something follows him - the item he broke was the seal on an ancient Keroron weapon, and now he's set it free once more.

When he gets home, he finds a mysterious purple cross on the end of his nose - is this his punishment for destroying the shrine?  Maybe not, as next morning people all over the city wake up to find similar crosses on their foreheads - and with the mark comes telepathic abilities.  Keroro sees his chance to finally take over Pekopon, by telepathically controlling the population - but Kiruru, the unsealed entity that followed him back from the shrine, has its own plans on how to use everyone's new powers, and its plans could lead to the destruction of Earth...

Koyuki & NatsumiReadying the mind-controller

Since I bowed out of the TV series quite early, a lot of the characters here were new to me.  The frogs at least all get handy introductions, but other characters like ninja-girl Koyuki and magical girl Mois I had to figure out as we went along.  That's not a huge problem - Keroro Gunso's character relationships are nice and simple - but it's worth noting if you haven't seen any of the show before.  Likewise, some other characters have had "power ups" somewhere along the way - I was hugely surprised when Natsumi went into powered suit mode, for a start (it also brought a massive smile to my face), but it's all to the good.

The telepathy granted by the mysterious crosses turns out to be more curse than benefit - with hiding secrets no longer an option, people begin to withdraw from each other, and Kiruru uses the resulting negative energy to grow into a huge monster who proceeds to trash Tokyo.  Natch.  And guess who has to put things right?  Well, it's only fair that the frog that broke the seal should put it back, isn't it?


Much hilarity ensues - Natsumi assumes her telepathy isn't working right, as everyone she asks about their favourite thing seems to answer that she is.  I can understand that. :)  There's also the suspiciously well-timed appearance of Mirara, a self-proclaimed ancient weapons specialist who keeps a safe distance from most of the action and keeps an eye on how things progress.  There's a fairly typical lesson on the value of friendship, lots of explosions and general destruction, and plenty of comedy to bring a smile to the face.

Giant KeroroPowered-suit Natsumi

In other words, it's everything Keroro Gunso's good at, just in a double-length format and with a big budget thrown at it.  I can honestly say I loved every minute of this, and sat right through the movie with a daft grin stuck to my face - some movies take a while to really get into their stride, but this hit the road running and just kept going.  "Only" being an hour long probably helps with that - it's long enough to genuinely count as a movie but not long enough to run out of steam.  The end result is that I really will have to get my paws on some more episodes of the TV series - damn this movie for feeding my backlog!! :)  At any rate, this is well worth watching and highly recommended.  Go see.