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Sunday, 04 April 2004 00:00
Cosmopolitan Prayersm.o.e. series usually mean very cute character designs - which Cosprayers has in abundance. Apart from that, though, the hype around this show really hasn't been good. Let's see if it manages to live down to it... ^^;

1 - Rebirth of the Dark
Meet Koto, a young Japanese girl who enjoys her cosplay... While on a visit to Izumo shrine, she comes into possession of a bracelet (a Cosmo Bracelet, no less) - and before she knows it she's being drawn into the battles of the ISO, an organisation whose members use the powers of the Cosmo Bracelets to help them fight against demons that are plaguing the Earth. She's pretty much just a bystander in the first battle she gets involved in, but it gives her an idea of what she's in for, and she doesn't like it...

2 - The Clear-Headed Green
Koto's having a crisis of confidence, so Scarlet takes it on herself to try and force Koto to 'Charm Up' and increase her powers. Kind of a 'cruel to be kind' sort of thing... When all else fails, Scarlet leaves Koto to face a demon on her own, hoping that placing her in real danger will have the desired effect...

Knowing how this show connects with the series Smash Hit! (review coming soon), I really wanted to watch the lot & make sure I wasn't going to miss anything in the follow-on show. Sadly, I couldn't quite manage it - Cosprayers truly is one of the worst shows I've sat through in quite some time. Even the usual levels of m.o.e. fanservice weren't enough to save it.

It's a sentai / mahou shoujo show at heart, but the execution is really poor - the story is very disjointed, there's little in the way of explanation of what's going on, and the cast is too large for such a short series - there's not enough time to develop any of the characters, so there's not appeal to them other than 'hey! cute character design!'

Pass, with extreme prejudice...