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Saturday, 13 March 2004 00:00
Battle Programmer ShiraseLet's see what compromising positions Shirase & Misao can get into this time...

3 - Endangered BPS! Remarkable Girl Programmer in an Elementary Schooler?!
Japan's military network is under attack, so BPS is called in to help out. He's not having as much luck as usual, though, so when the attack starts to affect the US he's forced to hand over to their operator. She's not all she appears to be - Yuriko, an elementary-school girl who may just be able to out-hack him. For reasons unknown, Yuriko soon transfers to a Japanese school, where she soon becomes friends with Misao. So what is Yuriko up to - apart from being more lolicon bait for BPS?

4 - Retiring BPS? The Counterpart at the "All is Vanity" Marriage Interview is Sae-sensei...
Sae-sensei (Masao's teacher) has a marriage interview coming up. Darn these old Japanese women and their insistence on tradition, hey? Meanwhile, Shirase's family are thinking it's time for him to settle down as well, and have also arranged a marriage interview. You can work out the rest from there... Meanwhile, King of America also seems to be getting in on the marriage business, with his first target being the hotel Shirase's having his interview at...

Yuriko takes the lolicon aspect of the show to a whole new level. Sadly she's only around BPS for one episode... These 2 (or 6, depending how you want to count it) episodes follow pretty much the same formula as the first two - which is no bad thing. The humour in the show is good stuff & really what makes it, as the hacking side of the show strays far too much into the unbelievable. Yuriko is a good addition, particularly in the way she seems to have Shirase pretty much figured out & uses her knowledge to mess with him - just a shame she didn't hang around & has gone back to the US (while you still see her in the show, not having her able to directly tease Shirase anymore is a bit of a let-down).

Overall, still pretty good - nothing ground-breaking, but worth watching. I believe a 2nd season is on its way in Japan, so they must be doing something right...