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Friday, 09 January 2004 00:00
The final appearances of the cute & tiny ones.. Sniff... As far as deliberately-cute shows for adults go, this has been one of the better ones.

7 - October
I swear that's Shipon in the dating game Tama-chan's playing. Anyway, it's Autumn, and time for the Bottle Fairy Poetic Challenge. Poor Tama's been picked to sit through the fairies' poetic efforts & judge who's best... Following that, it's on to the Sports Festival - all the fairies have to do is figure out who they're competing against...

8 - November
Poor plant out front that has no flower - the fairies decide to help it bloom, with a little help from Tama-chan. They're very pleased with themselves when Hanana finally flowers - but also very confused when the flowers finally wilt away...

9 - December
It's New Year's Eve - but the fairies have been too busy playing at Christmas to have done any party preparations. It's up to the all-knowing Tama-chan to help them prepare. Taking her advice to heart, New Year preparations somehow manage to turn into an epic Japanese drama...

10 - January
Carrying on directly from where the last ep ended... Spend New Year's Day right if you want the rest of the year to go well, says Tama-chan. Her idea of the day spent right is playing board games (looks suspiciously like the Game of Life to me...).

11 - February
February means Valentine's Day, of course - but the fairies aren't entirely sure what it's all about. Cue lessons from Tama-chan on how to make Valentine's chocolates... Once they've made their chocolate, it's time to give it to Sensei-san, but that turns out to be harder than they thought...

12 - March
It's Doll Festival time. Meanwhile, the fairies receive a letter from fairy land, asking how their studies are going. When Tama-chan goes off on a tangent about graduation and separation, the fairies worry that ending their studies in the human world & becoming human could lead to them having to leave the friends they've made there...

13 - ..And Then...
Having become human, the four fairies have to get used to living in the one body... Problem #1: Sensei-san's forgotten his lunchbox, so can they get it to him in one piece? Easier said than done when you've never really been outside before, and don't know what Sensei-san's real name is...

I made a mistake here by watching these seven eps in one sitting - that's just too much cute for any sane person to handle in one go, and it spoiled it for me. Note to everyone else: watch Bottle Fairy 1 episode at a time!!.

Other than that, this has been a fun series, with its fairy-eye take on events & happenings that most people take for granted. Good stuff, if you don't sit through it all in one go!