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Now in Japan
Thursday, 06 November 2003 00:00
It's the adventures of the Bottle Fairies. Please brush your teeth before and after each viewing.

Chiriri, Sarara, Kururu & Hororo. Remember their names. They're fairies, they live in bottles ("Bottle Fairies", remember?), and they have to find some way of passing the day while their Sensei-san is at school...

Cue 4 very cute wee characters letting their imaginations run wild & the stories they create as a result, not forgetting to drag girl-next-door Tama-chan & flying cat Oboro-chan into events as well.

This'll be short, as this is one of those shows that neither has a plot nor needs one - the humour of the fairies' antics is more than enough to carry the show on its own. Episodes are short (15mins each) so you don't get a sugary overdose while watching, as it's just so darn cute. Very funny & well worth watching.