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Wednesday, 19 November 2003 00:00
Someone's been watching too much Pretty Sammy. Either that or AIC are recyling characters again - for some reason, Misao Amano (aka Pixy Misa, although that persona doesn't make an appearance here) has a starring role in Shirase. Now, that's enough to pique my curiosity for a start...

Akira Shirase, the legendary hacker also known as Battle Programmer Shirase, is just the man you want to speak to if you have hacker problems - but since he doesn't work for money, you need a suitably unusual piece of tech gear to acquire his services. Misao lives in the flat upstairs, and the 2 of them have a sort of brother / sister relationship going on.

Meanwhile, a Japanese hacker living near Seattle has been causing some problems, so Shirase's been called in to help... Each 'episode' plays out over 3 parts, and the first batch are used to introduce the characters. Seems our Seattle hacker, Ozue Kintaro (aka 'King of America'), is set to become the series 'bad guy', setting up a rivalry with Shirase.

The 2nd batch takes us to the beach & kicks up the service level a notch, but pretty much follows the same formula as the first - hacker causing problems, Shirase's called in to solve the problem, and all's well that ends well after some unlikely hacking by Shirase.

So far, so normal. Thing is, I find myself quite enjoying this, and I can't quite figure out why... Although the Misao fanservice may play a part.. ^^; She's quite the flirt here, and there's also a running gag about the compromising positions her & Shirase manage to get into - good stuff in its own right!

Overall, kinda average, but has enough fun moments that I can put up wth its flaws. I'll keep an eye on Shirase for a while at least...