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Thursday, 17 February 2005 18:00
Beck - More live actionBack to the rock-and-roll lifestyle of Beck - sex and drugs not included, at least not yet.  With his old band in tatters, Ryuusuke's looking to form a new one, but finding people with the talents he needs seems to be a problem.  Just how does Koyuki fit in to all this?  Let's see...

3 - Moon on the Water
Ryuusuke takes Koyuki to another live gig - but rather than letting him enjoy it, he persuades him to try and pay more attention to the real sound of the song.  Another thing he wants Koyuki to do is look after his sister, Maho - seems a good idea at first, but when he gets stuck having to listen to her gossip to her friends in English, it's a bit too much for him.  Meanwhile, Ryuusuke's trying to recruit a bass player for his new band - he has a guy in mind, but he's insisting Ryuusuke gets hold of a really good singer before he'll even consider - but getting any singer seems to be a tough order...

Beck - Maho & friendsBeck - Ryuusuke gives Koyuki a gift

4 - Strum the Guitar
Both Izumi and Maho are doing their best to persuade Ryuusuke that Koyuki has the potential to be a great vocalist, but he's not convinced.  Neither is Koyuki - he's more interested in practicing his guitar, until an unfortunate tripping incident leaves it crushed under the wheels of a truck.  It was a gift from Ryuusuke, who's far from pleased when Koyuki tells him what happened.  Fortunately for Koyuki, his swimming coach knows a person who may be able to repair it - which will hopefully repair Koyuki's friendship with Ryuusuke as well...

Beck - The Replacement Guitar Angel?Beck - Koyuki & Maho

5 - Beck
With a lot of help from Saitou - and the loan of an electric guitar - Koyuki continues to work on his playing skills, although it's slow progress.  Having a parrot on hand to call you an idiot every 30 seconds probably isn't helping, either.  Saitou has an idea, though - there's a song contest coming up, and entering it as part of Saitou's band could give Koyuki something to work towards.  Great idea - until one of the band members passes out just before the contest, thanks to too much drink.  Fortunately, Maho's willing to fill the gap in the lineup...

Beck - Koyuki's first performanceBeck - Tender moments with Maho

Nice to see they've fixed the 'Mongorian' Engrish in the eyecatch animations.  Sometimes it's the little things that catch your attention the most...

Two things in this batch of episode that stand out - Koyuki's newfound desire to play the guitar, and what seems to be a blossoming relationship with Maho, after their less-than-promising first meeting in episode 2.  I suppose in a lot of ways Beck is just another slice-of-life anime - but its focus on something other than 'normal school life' is what makes it refreshing.  The music is good, too - watch out for the song at the end of episode 5, which gives the first real outing to Maho's & Koyuki's vocal skills.

Passing mention is made to giving Ryuusuke's new band a name - no prizes for guessing what, although the process of getting there was fun.  That said, Ryuusuke, Izumi & the others get a bit of a raw deal in airtime terms here, with the focus really being on Koyuki & Maho.

After two episodes I was curious to see more - after five I'm hooked.  Beck is quite different in tone from the type of series I would typically get drawn by - check the review archives & you'll see what I mean - but it has more than enough hooks to really keep the interest, particularly if the style of music appeals to you.  Even if it doesn't, give it a go - you may be surprised...