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Wednesday, 23 February 2005 12:34
Beck - Koyuki, pensiveBeck is quickly becoming one of my favourite current shows, and I can't quite put my finger on why - so far at least, the promise of rock 'n' roll fame has yet to be realised, and there are definitely things that are more exciting than Koyuki's life, but the show certainly has its hooks into me.  The theme of this batch of episodes could be Koyuki, and women...

6 - Saitou and Jaguar
Seems Maho & Koyuki are getting closer to becoming an item, especially after she gives him one of her most treasured possessions - the guitar pick used by Dying Breed's guitarist.  Ryuusuke's quest to get a band together continues - he's managed to pick up a singer & a guitarist so far.  That's two more people than Eiji, his old bandmate from Serial Mama has got, and Eiji's pissed enough to go looking for a little revenge.  Meanwhile, Koyuki has a new music teacher, who turns to him for a little help when she has trouble getting the class to listen to her, while Koyuki ends up in trouble after breaking another guitar...

Beck - Momoko-sensei gives lessons in the manipulation of teenage hormonesBeck - Spying on the school hard-man

7 - Lucille
Maho's getting a bit fed up with the way Koyuki keeps avoiding Ryuusuke, until she finds out why - Koyuki doesn't want to see him until he's raised the money to repair his broken guitar.  Makes for an interesting disguise when he goes along to see Beck's first live performance.  When he finally gets his hands on the repaired guitar, though, there's a problem, when he runs into one of the school hard-men who's been trying to take advantage of him.  Koyuki's been trying to stand up to him lately, so he's looking for a way to teach him a lesson - and a freshly-repaired guitar makes a good target.  Although it seems that it wasn't as important a guitar as Ryuusuke first made it out to be...

Beck - Koyuki & MahoBeck - Another smashed guitar

8 - School Announcement

Time for a new school year, and it's not shaping up to be a good one - Momoko-sensei's taking an interest in what he's doing outside school, Izumi's graduated, and he's still being bullied in class - this time, he has a few days to come up with 50,000 yen or he's in real trouble.  Looking on the bright side, Saitou's given him another new guitar (how long will this one last, I wonder?), while Ryuusuke's talking to him again - and he's impressed by how much his playing has improved...

Beck - Maho layeth the smack downBeck - At least this guitar still works...

What is it with this boy and guitars?  He can't seem to lay his hands on one without having it damaged in one way or another.  The scene where his newly-repaired guitar is destroyed is a bit like watching a slow-motion train-wreck - you know exactly what's about to happen, but you just can't stop it.  It's almost a touching moment.

The comedy award for these episodes goes to Maho, and her reaction when she catches Koyuki carrying a condom.  Cue Koyuki in a world of pain - although with all the bullying he suffers at school here, it's probably they last thing he needs.  There's something about the way the 'good' of his life outside school with Maho & the band interacts with the 'bad' that he's suffering in class that just adds to the compulsion to watch more of Beck.

The last show I was truly hooked on was Kannaduki no Miko, where I genuinely couldn't wait to watch the next episode.  Beck is starting to have the same effect on me, and I'm cursing my lack of free time as a result.  Definitely worth watching.