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Thursday, 17 March 2005 11:05
BeckIt only took ten episodes, but Koyuki's finally a member of Beck, although this may well just be the start of his problems.  With one band member leaving and the real possibility of a split-up, his life as a band-member could be over before it's even really begun...

9 - Night Before Live
Beck's running into the problem that all new bands must face - running out of money.  How are they supposed to get any bigger if they can't even afford to arrange gigs?  There's also a rumour that the drummer may be about to quit.  Back in school, Koyuki's tormentors pick on a new way to bully him by entering him in pretty much every event in the school swimming gala - but when Maho offers to do anything he wants if he can come out on top, it gives Koyuki a whole new incentive to do his best...

Beck - The Maho incentiveBeck - Koyuki on stage

10 - Face
It's Koyuki's first live as a member of Beck, and to call him nervous would be an understatement - although a little encouragement from Maho seems to go a long way to calming him down.  After the performance, though, he's convinced that his performance wasn't good enough for Ryuusuke to want him to play again.  Guitar playing isn't Koyuki's only talent, though, and when he finds a new song that Ryuusuke's been working on that doesn't really work with Chiba's punk-style vocals, he asks for a chance to sing it himself - and as soon as they hear him, the rest of the band know they're onto something big...

Beck - At least someone appreciates his playingBeck - Chiba takes care of business

I still wish Koyuki and Maho would stop messing about and become an 'item' already - another area where Koyuki could really use a little backbone, perhaps?  Likewise, his run-in with one of his tormentors raised the very real possibility of another broken guitar, until Chiba saved the day.  I think I'm going to start taking bets on when the next one is smashed...

Finally seeing Koyuki accepted as a full member of the band was the real highlight here, though, as his hard work over a year of 'real' time finally pays off.  The boy, he got talent.  With the band now being properly formed, I'm expecting the story to shift slightly towards their efforts to hit the big time - although with 16 episodes still to go, don't expect it to happen in a hurry.

Beck's pacing is almost perfect - it's got a leisurely feel to it without leaving you feeling that it's drifting into filler.  Add that to an excellent cast of characters, and it's a show that you really can't stop watching.  Great stuff.