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Tuesday, 22 March 2005 14:10
Futari wa Pretty CureLet's see.  Fifty-two episodes (in this season, anyway), and seven Prism Stones to find - that adds up to a lot of filler.  While this batch of Pretty Cure episodes can't be accused of being entirely devoid of plot (there are two new bad guys to introduce, after all), it has to be said that there's not a huge amount going on here.  But then, if you're still watching PreCure at this stage, plot is hardly high on the list of priorities, is it?  :)

11 - Saving Ryouta!  Gekidoraago Panic!
Nagisa's been press-ganged into taking Ryouta to the aquarium - he's got an assignment on fish to do, and since both their parents are busy over the weekend, Nagisa's got the short straw.  At least she was able to persuade Honoka to come along with them.  Gekidoraago, meanwhile, is under more and more pressure from his 'boss' back in the Dark Zone to come up with some Prism Stones, but he's about to find out that putting Ryouta in danger when he attacks the girls may not be one of his smarter ideas.  Not that he's ever had any smart ideas...

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Nagisa practices on Ryouta...Futari wa Pretty Cure - ...before getting down to the real business

12 - Meet the Evil Flower, Poisonee!  Who's She?
Gekidoraago seems to have finally been defeated, and Nagisa's hoping that's the end of the fighting - but it's still far too early in the series for that, and a new enemy is just around the corner.  When Nagisa is given some free chocolates by a street vendor, she doesn't realise she's dealing with one of the Dark Zone's minions, and her cellphone (complete with Mepple) is stolen while she's busy drooling over the chocolate.  Once Nagisa realises what's happened, she rushes to find Honoka, fearing she's about to be attacked herself - but it seems Honoka's already under their new enemy's spell...

Futari wa Pretty Cure - The Dark Zone continues plottingFutari wa Pretty Cure - New baddie #1, Poisonee

13 - Beware of the Younger Transfer Student!

There's a new transfer student at the school, Kiriya, and he's making quite the impression - brains, brawn, and a cool demeanour to go with it, and it doesn't take long before the girls are going nuts over him.  Even Nagisa doesn't seem immune to his charms - but there's something just not quite right about him.  Meanwhile, Honoka's working on a science project with Yuriko, one of the other Science Club members, and they reckon it's a certain prizewinner - but they didn't account for another attack by the Dark Zone...

Futari wa Pretty Cure - New baddie #2, Kiriya-kunFutari wa Pretty Cure - ...or is it War of the Worlds?

I'll keep this short - half of PreCure's charm (and pretty much any mahou shoujo show of the same ilk) is that it doesn't take a whole lot of explaining.  PreCure is still very much in the 'monster of the week' phase, so I'm not expecting any real fireworks from the show for a while yet.

That said, it still has that 'guilt pleasure' appeal, and a sense of humour that takes the edge off an feeling of repetitiveness you may be feeling.  The addition of Poisonee (you've gotta love goth bay guys) and Kiriya to the list of adversaries also adds a bit to the show - they at least have some intelligence, which is a huge improvement over Gekidoraago.

So far, so good - for all its faults, PreCure remains a 'must see' for mahou shoujo fans.