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Saturday, 26 March 2005 14:31
Pretty Cure - Title ScreenTwo more episodes of Pretty Cure, and two episodes of more of the same - although at least this time, it's not just Nagisa and Honoka that are dishing it up, thanls to the appearance of their 'stunt doubles'.  There isn't even a new Prism Stone to be found.  At least Poisonee's doing her best to keep things moving along...

14 - Fake or Real!?  Impostor Pretty Cure on the Loose!
The girls around school are beginning to talk about Pretty Cure, and some of the ideas they have about what they might be like are a bit surprising to Nagisa and Honoka.  At least it shows nobody's figured out their real identities yet.  People are beginning to see Pretty Cure in places the girls haven't been, though - seems someone's trying to steal their thunder, as it were.  Poisonee soon figures out what's going on, and decides that a PreCure versus PreCure battle could be interesting...

Pretty Cure - Nagisa & Honoka wonder who the impostors are...Pretty Cure - ...or are they?

15 - The Extremely Dangerous Family Vacation!
Nagisa & her family are away on summer break, and by sheer coincidence they're staying at the same run-down inn that Honoka & her grandmother are staying at - and so, it seems, is Poisonee.  Nagisa would rather be staying in a state-of-the-art hotel, thank you, but that's another story...  The inn is on the shore of a lake, and as usual there's a legend surrounding the lake and an island in the middle of it, so Nagisa & Honoka head out to the island to check it out.  No prizes for guessing who decides to follow them out there - but when Nagisa is injured while battling Zakenna, it looks like PreCure could be in trouble...

Pretty Cure - Evil lurks where you least expect itPretty Cure - Aren't heroes meant to be fearless?

If the intro didn't give it away, there's not really much here for me to write about - PreCure is firmly stuck in it's mid-season-filler rut, and the Monster of the Week(tm) routine is very much in full swing.  But then, this is a magical girl show, so would you really expect anything else?

One thing I have noticed in the last few episodes is that Mipple & Mepple have been much more low-key than they were at the beginning of the series - and given that they're possibly the most annoying sidekick critters in all anime, that can only be a good thing.

PreCure / mahou shoujo fans keep watching.  I figure everyone else that doesn't fall into those categories will have given up by now, anyway. :)