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Monday, 04 April 2005 11:52
Damekko Doubutsu - Meet the gang...The great thing about 5-minute episodes, is that it makes the show really easy to review.  :)  Damekko Doubutsu takes a look a jungle like through a lens that's suspiciously similar to Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu, except this time we're looking at the jungle's animal inhabitants instead of the humans.  Sort of.

1 - Uruno Comes to the Forest
Jungle life is tough - wolf Uruno hasn't eaten for days, can't even catch himself a rabbit for lunch, and there's a bird trying to eat him...  He's about to pass on the opportunity of living in such a strange forest, when he runs into the incredibly cute cheetah, Chiiko...

Damekko Doubutsu - Not your usual fuzzy bunnyDamekko Doubutsu - Isn't Chiiko the world's cutest cheetah?

2 - The Moon, Dried Squid, and Unicorn

While following Chiiko in something of a daze, Uruno meets a creature he never expected to - a unicorn.  But just like every other creature in the forest, he really doesn't conform to steretype.  Usahara the rabbit has a burning desire to get hold of his horn, though, and tries to rope Uruno into becoming his partner in crime...

Damekko Doubutsu - Uruno, gloomy...Damekko Doubutsu - Aren't unicorns supposed to be elegant?

With the same off-the-wall style of humour as Jungle Guu, and the episodes being short 5-minute bites that won't give you much chance to suffer from slapstick overload, there's really nothing here that detracts from the show - the only pre-requisite is a liking for this sort of humour.  If you enjoyed Jungle Guu, you'll enjoy this.  Even if you didn't, the five minutes it would take to try it our will hardly ruin your life.  Fun, although probably forgettable over the long-term.