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Friday, 08 April 2005 13:51
Air - The gang's all hereA few more episodes of Air, and a little more of an idea about how the show seems to work, as Kano's story ends and the focus moves on to Tohno.  Don't worry, Misuzu hasn't been forgotten about, either. :)  Just make sure you're in a mellow mood before you sit down to watch, as this is one of those shows that certainly won't get the adrenalin pumping...

3 - Whisper
Kano collapses outside the shrine, and when she comes to she has no memory of what's happened to her or why she's at the shrine - which leaves Yukito with some explaining to do when Hijiri appears.  Back at the surgery, he overhears a conversation between Kano and Hijiri that may explain a little.  The next evening, though, Kano disappears - when Yukito and Misuzu search for her, they find her at the shrine again, but once more Kano's not herself, and attacks Yukito...

Air - KanoAir - Yukito is attacked

4 - Plume
Yukito finally gets an explanation as to what's going on with Kano - when she was a child, she handled a mysterious feather that was being kept at the shrine.  Since then, she's often behaved strangely - afraid of bright lights, talking to herself, and at times trying to harm herself.  Hijiri has no idea what it was about the feather that caused Kano to change - all she knows is that she has to protect her sister, but Kano seems to have other ideas.  Yukito finds a note in her room: "I've decided to fly away - I think it'll be better that way..."  Tracking Kano down leads to the shrine once more, and the truth behind the feather...

Air - Mystical feather?Air - Kano, jerself once more

5 - Wing
Now that Kano's back to normal, it's time for a shift in story focus.  Tohno invites Yukito to watch the stars with her - since she's a member of the school astronomy club, she's able to use their telescope, and the roof of the school makes a great viewing point.  It would be much more peaceful if Michiru wasn't with them, but there you go.  He walks Tohno home later, but when her mother meets her at the door, she seems to have trouble remembering her own daughter's name.  Later, Misuzu breaks down in tears, the result of a mental illness that causes anixety attacks when she feels she's getting close to someone.  With Yukito now being the cause of her attacks, it's time for him to leave Misuzu's home...

Air - Michiru & TohnoAir - The end of Tohno's dream

I get the distinct impression that this show's going for the record of how many unhinged girls you can have in one place - Yukito's certainly more understanding about almost being choked to death than I would ever be!  It does seem to give a few pointers as to the real story here, though - with Kano's story resolved & a feather playing a key part, I wonder if it has a connection to Yukito's search for the girl with wings.  If Tohno's story ends with a feather involved, I'll know I'm on to something there.

One thing is for certain, though - Air is not the show to watch if you're needing cheering up, as the themse of rejection and separation from others that are underlying everything make it quite heavy going.  That said, there's also a certain sense of fulfilment when things go right, as happens when Yukito is able to life Kano's 'curse'.

With more of an idea of what's going on, I'm getting more and more hooked by Air's story and characters.  While it's not the easiest show to watch, I've got plenty of mindless anime in my collection to lighten the mood with once it's done, and I can't help but keep watching to see what happens next.  Well worth watching.