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Thursday, 16 June 2005 12:33
Beck - Koyuko gives into to Momoko-sensei's charms. Again.Time to squeeze in another few episodes of Beck, which continues to be one of my favourite recent shows.  Plenty of trouble for Koyuki again, with girl trouble in the form of Maho and Izumi, and continuing trouble at school - until Hyoudou finally gets taught a lesson.  Plenty of good, too, when Dying Breed come to town...

11 - Summer Holiday
Chiba has big news - Dying Breed are coming to tour Japan, and he's so excited he's spreading the word at the top of his voice.  For Koyuki, it's time to make his choices for high school - but his grades aren't good enough to guarantee him a place in the schools he wants.  According to his teacher, his only chance is to quit the band and concentrate on studying.  As if that's not enough pressure on his summer time, there's the autumn culturefest (with band contest, courtesy of Momoko-sensei) to prepare for, dates with Maho to go on, lives to play in, and swimming practice.  So many things, so little time - but the big surprise is who Maho brings with her to Beck's next live...

Beck - Koyuki realises who's in the audienceBeck - DyBre has encouraging words for Koyuki

12 - Secret Live
While Eiji and his band have been working through DyBre's manager to get a slot in their next concert, Ryuusuke's working the more direct route, and has got Beck invited along to see Dying Breed up close - although seeing Eiji and his band appear on stage is a shock, until DyBre's Matt expresses his.. displeasure.. at how well they played during rehearsal.  Stuck with a gap in their schedule, Matt invites Koyuki up on stage to sing with them - but a bad case of nerves leaves Koyuki singing badly out-of-tune until he can settle himself.  Later, Koyuki finds himself with girl trouble when Maho catches him spending time with Izumi...

Beck - Matt really didn't like Eiji's bandBeck - Maho catches Koyuki with Izumi

13 - Ciel Blue
An apparent suicide in America, has caught Ryuusuke's attention, along with the need to raise enough money to get a proper demo CD put together - after Koyuki's performance with DyBre, there's hype to be taken advantage of, but money is short - so short that Chiba's away to be a medical guineapig for a week.  Meanwhile, Koyuki's gone from having two women chasing him to having none - has hasn't seen either Maho or Izumi since the day Maho caught them together - while the band he's put together for the school culturefest is attracting Hyoudou's attention...

Beck - Who's this band member again?Beck - Ryuusuke enjoys Ciel Blue's performance

I think Koyuki's just learnt that women spell nothing but trouble - even though he never did anything wrong here, he's landed himself thoroughly in the doghouse, with no sign yet of being able to drag himself out of it.  And just when it look like Koyuki and Maho were finally set to become an item.

The ups and downs of Koyuki's lovelife are mirrored by his music career - from his appearance with DyBre to his problems with the culturefest performance - and his problems with Hyoujou - who goes from being a huge problem to no problem at all.  I was so gald to see him finally get knocked down a few pegs - literally - that I was almost cheering at the screen as he got his well-deserved kicking.

And that's where Beck has really been shining - it's one of the few shows where you can genuinely feel the ups and downs of the characters.  It's very unusual for a show to draw me in anything like as much as Beck does, and more than anything else it's the reason I keep watching.  Very highly recommended.