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Thursday, 30 June 2005 14:39
Beck - Koyuki and Maho make upKoyuki returns as he manages to clear things up with Maho and Beck finally get their demo CD recorded.  A change in school means Koyuki's left to deal with some of the problems he thought he'd left behind, while I'm left wondering where all the music's gone...

14 - Dream
Koyuki's girl problems take a turn as Izumi and Maho meet to talk, while Ryuusuke has a few words of wisdom for him about what Maho's like underneath her hard exterior.  Their talk is enough to make him go out and try to find her - just in time to find out that Izumi's done him a favour and cleared the air with Maho, allowing her & Koyuki to start over again.  Meanwhile, Ryuusuke's still got a bad feeling about Erika's suicide, and seems to be siding with the conspiracy theory that she may have been worried, while it seems that Eiji's contacts are determined to make life difficult for Beck to work their way up in the music industry, while the band finally gets their first CD recorded...

Beck - Friendly teacher?Beck

15 - Back to School
Back into school after the winter break, and it seems the guys are having trouble concentrating - there are rumours that Momoko-sensei's been working in a lingerie bar, and they're having trouble keeping their imaginations in check.  But time flies by and before long it's a new shool year & new school for Koyuki - unfortunately, it's the same school as Houjou, who's back to his old tricks.  With the stresses of entrance exams behind him, there's more time to spend on band practice, and the small detail of a new guitar to be bought.  Ryuusuke's first choice, costing over 1,000,000 Yen, may not be quite what he's looking for...

Beck - New school, same problemsBeck - Would you buy a guitar from this man?

Very much the feeling of a mid-season break here, with not a hell of a lot really happening - especially surprising since these two episodes cover a couple of months 'real time'.  Seems to have been one of the more boring periods of Koyuki's life.

Which sadly also makes it one of the less interesting parts of Beck.  It's good to see the Izumi / Maho issue sorted out, but finding Houjou becoming a problem again left me with a horrible feeling of deja vu, as we're just going over old ground again.  Could it be 26 episodes was a bit too long?

Moving quickly onwards, and I hope Beck follows the example & gets back into its stride quickly.  It's hard to really recommend these episodes, but while there doesn't appear to be much here that will prove to be important, if you're following the series you'll probably want to watch them anyway.