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Saturday, 30 July 2005 12:32
Amaenai de yo!! - Chitose gets her kit off in the name of justice.  Not voluntarily, mind you...First, Sousei no Aquarion brought us the overly-aroused mecha pilot.  Now, Amaenai de yo!! brings us the overly-aroused trainee monk.  Is this the start of a trend?  Are there just too many frustrated people working in anime at the moment?  Could there be better subject matter for basing a harem comedy around?  Hopefully, probably, and yes...

1 - Don't Let me Come!
When Ikko Satonaka recites a sutra to summon a dead spirit, it initially seems to go quite well - until an unwanted spirit tries to cross, at which point his colleagues have to resort to Ikko's unusual special power to get rid of it.  When Ikko gets.. ahem.. 'all worked up' over a scantily-clad girl, the amount of... umm.. power that he can... ano... release is really quite impressive.  ^^;  Just as well his fellow trainees at the temple are all high school girls, then, isn't it?  But perhaps it's tempting fate when Joutoku-baasan, the nun in charge of the Saien temple where Ikko and the girls are studying, chooses Ikko to recite another sutra at an upcoming event, and wouldn't you know it goes wrong again, leading to an attack by a group of possessed plush toys and dolls.  Time for Ikko to do his thing, with a little help from Chitose...

Amaenai de yo!! - Having had an eyeful, Ikko gets down to business...Amaenai de yo!! - ...before trying to work off those hormones

2 - Don't Play at Night!
It's summer, but rather than enjoying the beach, Ikko and Chitose are stuck cleaning the temple and giving lectures on enlightenment to the local senior citizens.  Sometimes working sucks - especially when the rest of the girls have taken the day off and have been out having fun.  Come darkness, though, there's the chance for Ikko and Chitose to make some summer memories together when they sneak out of the temple.  With karaoke and purikura out of the way, their trip takes a turn for the worse when they're confronted by a group of local yobs while trying to leave the game center - no normal yobs, either, but lingering spirits.  Time for one of Chitose's inspirational lectures...

Amaenai de yo!! - Late night escapeAmaenai de yo!! - Chitose's sermon reduces the congregation to tears

Watch out, world, Naru Narusegawa has a rival in the 'excessive violence against her love interest' department in the form of Chitose Nanbu, Saien Temple's fiery redhead who misses very few opportunities to inflict pain on poor Ikko.  Can't say I blame her, as so far she's the only one he's turned to when needing to get worked up.  For the rest of the harem, there's blue-haired cutie Yuuko Atouda (who's only too happy to help Chitose out of her kit when required, whether Chitose likes it or not), Sumi Inuina, control-freak Sakura Sugai and her little sister Hinata, and blonde Haruka Amanogawa, who between them cover the usual range of personalities that you'd expect to find in a harem show.  Keeping them all in check is Joutoku-baasan, the wizened leader of the shrine.  So far, so formulaic.

But for all that I'm almost all harem'ed out these days, I enjoyed this - the whole concept of how Ikko gets his powers adds an extra level of ecchiness to the show that lifts it above dull, while the second episode shows that there's more to it than just looking for excuses to get the girls out of their yukata for Ikko's benefit - there's quite a sweet, romantic side to it that's just as enjoyable as the comedy.  Okay, so it's clear from the first few minutes that Chitose's going to eventually be Ikko's girl, but we still have to see how they get there, and if these episodes are anything to go by it'll be great entertainment along the way.  Amaenai de yo!! is great fun so far - here's hoping they can keep it that way.