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Tuesday, 30 August 2005 00:00
Air - Title CardOkay, now I'm really confused.  Air returns from the past with a recap of sorts - the story so far, through a different pair of eyes and showing some earlier scenes from  different viewpoint.  At the end of it all, you'll have to reconsider what you thought of some people, and if you thought you knew what was going on up until now, trust me - you don't.

9 - Moon
Kanna's travels have taken her to the place where her mother is kept - like Kanna, a captive, but only until Ryuuya releases her.  She's quick to warn Kanna, Ryuuya and Uraha not to get to close to her, though - she's "tainted" in some way and not safe to approach.  The plan is to find a place where they can all live peacefully, but even before they can leave the mountain they're attacked and Kanna's mother is fatally wounded - but not before showing the true power of a winged being.  Kanna's own fate is not destined to be a happy one, either...

Air - Kanna's last words to MomAir - Ryuuya

10 - Light
Back to the present, almost - the end of the school term and the start of the summer.  Misuzu's making plans for what she's going to do over the holiday - make new friends, play at the beach and spend time with her new pet crow - but by the time class is out, it seems Sora the crow is her best hope of companionship, until she meets Yukito.  Against all the odds, he manages to make a good impression on her mother, too - but as we already know, Yukito's arrival in the end brings nothing but pain for Misuzu...

Air - Pet crowAir - Ghostly Yukito

Kanna & Uraha's story gives the grounding for where the 'girl with wings' that Yukito has been searching for and that the other girls have been dreaming of has come from - a curse running down through 1000 years.  Yukito is the descendant of Uraha and Ryuuya, destined to break the curse on Kanna.  But episode 10 throws a bit of a spanner in the works, as Yukito appears not to be a 'real' person.  It's quite a strange episode as it's told through the eyes of Sora the crow, who Misuzu adopts as a pet at the beginning of the episode - and by the end of the episode I was left with the distinct impression that Sora and Yukito were one and the same, although there's as much evidence to counter that as there is for it.  Which is where all the confusion comes in.

There are still two episodes to go, and I'm figuring they'll have their work cut out to try and tie this story up in a way that makes sense - but I've loved this series so far, and I'm very keen to see how it all ends up.  Air remains the best of the recent batch of new shows, by far.