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Saturday, 01 October 2005 00:00
Air in Summer - Title CardAir in Summer is a two-episode TV special that takes the Summer arc from Air and fills in the parts of the original story that the main TV series didn't have time to cover.  While the series kept the serious bits, Air in Summer concentrates on the more fun side of things - just what most people will need after Air's terminally depressing ending...

1 - Mountain Path
Skipping back to the Summer arc, and Ryuuya is on the run with Kanna and Uraha.  Kanna's former keepers have sent a large squad to try and recapture her - Ryuuya's determined that's not going to happen, but when Kanna sees him in action she realises there's a darker side to him, and that his word isn't necessarily his vow.  They manage to elude their pursuers, though, and begin their journey to find Kanna's mother - but Ryuuya soon finds out that taking care of Kanna is more like babysitting than being a bodyguard...

Air in Summer - The girls wait while Ryuuya runs diversionAir in Summer - Ryuuya

2 - Universe
Hmm.  They need an 'ecchi comment counter' for this episode.  Ryuuya, Kanna and Uraha continue to live in the forest while travelling - their pursuers are searching anyone using the roads for signs of wings - and it's just like they're a little travelling family.  When Kanna comes across the body of a monk who appears to have straved to death, it reminds Ryuuya of the travelling monk who brought him up after his parents died, and whose death led Ryuuya to become the man he is.

Air in Summer - Sharing a quiet momentAir in Summer - Now there's an offer I wouldn't refuse

It has to be said that there's no real story here - Air in Summer is just a collection of scenes showing how the three fugitives deal with and relate to each other, done in a way that's bound to at least raise a smile along the way.  You get to see a different side of Kanna here, showing that she's really just a child and needs to be treated as such by Ryuuya and Uraha, who would have probably gone on to become her 'parents' had she not met her real mother again.  Speaking of Uraha, her scheming threatens to steal the show in several places, especially her plot to get Kanna to seduce  Ryuuya.  Great stuff.

After Air's deadly seriousness towards the end, the change in tone here is very welcome.  While there's nothing significant added to the story, Air in Summer is well worth watching.