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Thursday, 20 October 2005 00:00
Comic Party Revolution - Title CardComic Party Revolution definitely has a different approach to the TV series - after four episodes, there's been hardly a mention of doujinshi, and certainly no agonising by Kazuki over what to draw.  Instead, it's been a series of fun character pieces, with conventions and doujinshi just being a fringe thing that has drawn the characters together.  For my money, that makes Revolution by far the better series...

3 - Our Goal is Superhuman Baseball!
Disaster has struck - Eimi and Yuu have been double-booked onto the same table at the next Comic Party, and with no other spare slots left it looks like they'll have to put up with each other for the convention - until Taishi has an idea: a sporting contest, and the winner gets the table to themselves.  Baseball is chosen as the game - let battle commence!  Although there's the small matter of finding two teams, first...

Comic Party Revolution - Eimi and Yuu argue over table spaceComic Party Revolution - Super pitch!

4 - My Feelings...  Please Hear Them!
Asahi's been booked to perform her new single at the next Comic Party - it's a song she's supposed to be writing herself, but she's been suffering from a dose of writer's block.  Minami kind-of picks up on the problem - although she's thinking more along doujinshi lines than musical ones - and decides a lack of experience with love is the problem.  The solution?  A date with Kazuki - which would probably go a lot smoother if Taishi and Mazuki weren't tailing his every move, suffering from bad doses of jealousy...

Comic Party Revolution - A date!?  With Minami!?Comic Party Revolution - Ain't she cute without her glasses?

The other good point Revolution has in its favour is the larger cast - some of the characters that have been added to this incarnation of the show really make it, while other characters such as Eimi and Yuu have been tweaked slightly to make them much more appealing.

Both episodes here are outright comedy, playing on themes that have been done any number of times in anime and manga, but that's the whole point of parody, isn't it?  While the stories are nothing original, the characters and presentation make these episodes great fun to watch, which is all you can really ask of a series.

Somewhere along the way, CPR seems to have done well enough to make the move from OVA series to TV series - I have the first few episode waiting to be watched, and if they're anything like as good as the OVA I'll be a happy person.  Comic Party Revolution is much better than the original series, and well worth checking out.