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Thursday, 01 December 2005 00:00
Capeta - Title CardTo all sports there comes an anime, eventually, and with a Japanese driver currently competing in the Formula One championship & a fully-Japanese team looking likely to join the competition next year, the time is definitely right for an F1-based series.  Shame Capeta's not much good...

1 - Remove the Limiter!
10-year-old Capeta dreams of being a Forumla 1 racing driver.  He's a little young for that yet, though, but that doesn't stop him from finding everyday life decidely boring in comparison to his dream.  Not having his dad around very much (he's usually out working, doubly hard as Capeta's mother is dead) doesn't help, either - poor Capeta's left at home to take care of the housework and chores with little time for fun.  When his father takes a job at a racing kart track and finds out it's a sport suitable for kids Capeta's age, though, he sees a chance to spend more time with his son - even if it does look likely to cost him a fortune...

Capeta - On the runCapeta - Sweet dreams

The plan is for Shige-san, Capeta's father, to fix up an old scrapped cart for Capeta to race in - a nice plan if you have the technical skills to do the job.  It's a reasonable place to start, too - many professional racing drivers made their start on the go-kart track, so is a good, realistic way for the series to go.

If you're a petrol-head, you'll love some of the presentation here - photorealistic shots of the inside of cars & such provide a high level of automotive fanservice.  That attention to detail doesn't extend to the human characters, though - the character designs are just ugly all around. The CG animation used for cars in motion is also on the poor side.

As for the storyline, Capeta's the underdog, naturally, with something to prove as well against class bully Nobu &  his friends, so there's a "must get stronger!" aspect to things too - and I hate that.  Just drive the bloody kart and prove yourself that way, I say.  It's fairly clear there'll be a father-son bonding aspect to things as well, which for me would probably be the more interesting side of things.

Except I won't be following the series.  I'm not a petrol-head, meaning there isn't really much here for me to latch on to - as with most sports series, you need to have a genuine interest in the sport they're dealing with to get the most out of the show (unless you take the comedy approach, as in Eyeshield 21), and I don't.  Capeta's a "pass" for me, but F1 fans will probably get a lot more out of it.