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Saturday, 03 December 2005 00:00
Cluster Edge - Title CardI have to admit, I'm a bishoujo-loving kinda guy, so when Cluster Edge hit my screen - a show so targetted at bishonen fans that there's barely a female to be seen in the first episode - I'll confess it wasn't exactly a front-runner for being a show I'll be sticking with. Watching the first episode didn't do anything to change my mind, either...

1 - A Boy Named Agate
Agate Flourite has just enrolled at Cluster EA, an elite academy where even royalty can't be guaranteed places.  On the way to his first day at the school, the train he's travelling on is stopped by the military due to an attack on a nearby town.  After intercepting the army's radio transmissions and learning what's going on, Agate launches the fighter plane he's conveniently travelling with and heads off to stop the attack.  At first it seems his efforts will be in vain, but Agate has unique powers.  His actions also earn him the attention of one of his fellow student...

Cluster Edge - Agate faces the sunlightCluster Edge - Taking flight

I've seen a number of descriptions for Cluster Edge since it first hit the Japanese airwaves: "My:HiME for women" - which is fair enough, given the emphasis on all those bishonen, no starring females.  It also has the visual flair and shallow but populist style of My:HiME.  "Old-school shoujo" was another one, although to me it's not obviously so - although it does seem to revel in a certain deliberate style of cheesiness which seems to be a shoujo trait.  "Last Exile meets Escaflowne."  Two good shows to be compared against, there, but while I can see the Last Exile comparison in terms of the setting I'm not sure how Escaflowne fits in.

What I do know is that I need my anime to have a little more in the way of feminine charms - and I don't mean having men who look like women, which is something Cluster Edge isn't short of.  While it definitely looks the part, is also aimed at a very specific audience - and that audience doesn't include me.  Pass.