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Saturday, 17 December 2005 00:00
Angel Heart - Title CardThere seems to be a mini-trend for assassin shows this season, first with Black Cat and now with Angel Heart - although this series seems to be a whole lot darker in tone.  When you've been raised and trained by the Syndicates, do you really get a say over what you do with your life?  Of course not - but in this case, taking the option of death doesn't save our lead character from her fate, either...

1 - Glass Heart
After completing her 50th hit, top assassin "Glass Heart" decides she's finally had enough of killing and commits suicide - or at least that was the plan.  The Syndicate she was connected with, who trained her to be a killing machine from the age of five, takes the "no-one leaves" approach very seriously, and manages to revive her using a stolen heart.  It takes over a year for her to regain consciousness after the transplant, and in her dreams before she awakens she realises she's gained the memories of her "donor", Kaori...

Angel Heart - Tough decisionsAngel Heart - Waiting for one who will never come

Glass Heart goes on to meet Ryo Saeba in episode 2 - this is sort of a piece of divine intervention, as Ryo was due to marry Kaori on the day she was killed and still hasn't gotten over her death.  The connection should lead to come curious storylines as the series progresses, but this episode was a bit too slow and surreal for my liking.  Interesting, but not interesting enough.