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Friday, 20 January 2006 00:00
Beck - Title CardBeck's quest to reach the big time continues, but a new obstacle arrives in the form of US producer Leon Sykes, who has some "issues" to settle with Ryuusuke, while Koyuki gets his big-screen debut in the DyBRe movie - guaranteed to make him a hit with the girls - and his girl problems continue...

19 - Blues
Ryuusuke's stolen guitar comes back to haunt him as he receives a flying visit from some "representatives" of the original owner.  When the rest of the band come looking for him the next day, there's no trace of either Ryuusuke or his guitar.  Leon Sykes is the man responsible - an American label owner & suspect in the murder of Erika Blige (as mentioned earlier in the series), he's not the sort of person to let people away with anything and he's highly pissed that anyone would dare to steal his guitar - especially one with a history like Lucille's.  Fortunately, Ryuusuke's blues-playing skills manage to impress Skyes's uncle, which may just be what saved his life.  Meanwhile, Kazuo Satou - a rep for Japanese label Metal Glue - has been searching for "Mongolian Chop Squad" since hearing their US album and has finally managed to track them down, while Maho has her first showbiz break - as a model in a bishoujo mag...

Beck - Ryuusuke takes a kickingBeck - Watchinh Koyuki's big-screen debut

20 - Grateful Sound
Satou-san explains to Ryuusuke why she's been trying to find them - she's part-responsible for Japan's biggest music festival, Grateful Sound, and wants Ryuusuke to use his influence with Eddie to persuade Dying Breed to play at it.  It's her way of countering Ran's attempts to push the festival in a money-making direction at the expense of the music (not to mention his efforts at somehow getting Yoshito involved).  It's enough of a reason for Ryuusuke to agree to help her - if she'll agree to let Beck play at the festival.  Satou-san had already thought of that, but with Ran involved in organising the festival it'll be difficult to get it arranged, until Ryuusuke makes use of an unusual contact: Leon Sykes...

Beck - A goof sight to wake up toBeck - Hiromi

It was the cover of Beck's American album that led Leon Sykes to Ryuusuke - he's one fucked-up dude, so it's surprising to see Ryuusuke try to use him for an advantage when any sensible person would want to stay as far away from him as possible.   Having been given a thorough kicking by Skyes' goon, who so obviously wants to kill him, makes it doubly puzzling why Ryuusuke would want to end up owing him favours.

As for Koyuki, he's all happy to be seeing Maho again when she asks him to go to the preview of the DyBre tour movie with her, only to have his hopes crushed when Yoshito turns up with her.  You get the feeling he should just give it up and make use of his new-found fame to find romance elsewhere (Hiromi, maybe?), although there are a few pointers here and there that Koyuki may yet win out over Yoshito.  The only problem with that part of the story is that Yoshito's so damn annoying to watch that it's hard to fight the urge to fast-forward.

So for these episodes, then, the Ryuusuke & Hiromi storylines = good, the Yoshito story is beginning to become annoying and = bad.  The good is still far in the lead, though, and with the series so close to ending the bad isn't going to stop me now...