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Friday, 27 January 2006 00:00
Beck - Title CardBeck continues, as Koyuki gets into his songwriting groove and the band get their debut at Greatful Sound.  Only problem is, there's a price to be paid for Leon Sykes' "assistance" in getting the band onto the programme, and the stress proves to be too much for Ryuusuke, who begins to take his frustration out on the other band members...

21 - Write Music
Ryuusuke's made some progress with Sykes - he's agreed to consider getting them onto the billing at Greatful Sound, at least.  Given his usual temperament, that's probably a good sign - enough to get Ryuusuke thinking about making another Beck CD.  The band has finally gotten an evening slot at the Marquee as an opening act & have been going down a storm, so the future is beginning to look good - even if Chiba has been moonlighting as a solo act.  Later, Koyuki's songwriting muse finally kicks into gear, while Ryuusuke gets an answer from Sykes - on the surface it's good news, but there are strings attached to his offer...

Beck - Inspiration strikesBeck - Bringing good news

22 - The Night Before the Festival
Word of Beck's upcoming appearance at Greatful Sound has been getting around, and not everyone's impressed - meaning Koyuki's back to suffering bullying problems again.  To add to his worries, Ryuusuke wants him to write lyrics for the song he wrote, with the plan being to use it at the festival - and he's not in the mood to cut anyone any slack.  Inspiration comes in the form of Saitou-san, and before you know it it's time to head for the festival - and for Ryuusuke to come clean about Sykes' terms for getting them onto the programme: Sykes gets the rights to their next 5 albums, and free use of the band for tours and bookings - unless they somehow manage to have the largest audience in their timeslot.  Since they're playing at the smallest stage that's far from likely, but Ryuusuke has a gut feeling about the song Koyuki has written...

Beck - So much for friendly adviceBeck - Yoshito's schemeing again

23 - Festival
It's the day of Beck's performance, and with the band needing to round up a good crowd to get control of their destiny back from Sykes, it's probably not the day to be picking fights with the other band members - but that's just what Ryuusuke's been doing, by telling Chiba that he maybe doesn't belong in the band.  Naturally enough Chiba doesn't take that too well and disappears, and with only three hours to go before their performance time is running out from the rest of the band to find him and persuade him to take part.  Meanwhile, Yoshito seems to be resorting to foul play in his attempts to win Maho over from Koyuki...

Beck - Avoiding disaster?Beck - Adoring fan?

First up, there's finally some movement towards resolving the Yoshito / Koyuki tussle, which is one plotline that's been getting on my nerves.  Yoshito makes a bet with Koyuki that whoever's gig Maho turns up at will have sole "rights" to her, and the other will back off - although true to his usual form he then sets about trying to tilt the odds in his favour.  Koyuki gets some quality time with Maho where they almost get to talking seriously about their feelings for each other, bit it's a case of "so close but yet so far" - although I'd take a guess that Koyuki has the upper hand here.

The other main issue here is the band beginning to fall apart, mostly as a result of Ryuusuke's attitude - he's under a huge amount of stress thanks to his dealings with Sykes, and it flows over to the rest of the band.  Koyuki ends up taking to the stage on his own when no-one else will join him - but him singing with an acoustic guitar seems to be just what the crowd wants to hear.  Somehow it all seems to work out in the end.

Come the end of this batch, we've had two episodes of Greatful Sound, with more to come - it's Beck's big change to hit the mainstream, but just as they get there they seem set to self-destruct.  It's almost a cliffhanger at the end of episode 23 when you wonder if any of the other guys will eventually join Koyuki on stage.  Happy ending or end of a dream?  Only the next episode will tell...