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Sunday, 31 October 2004 00:00
Beet - Episode 1The trailer for Beet kinda told me all I needed to know - "I'm Beet! I'm gonna bust Vandel!" - but I'm an anime masochist at heart, and watched the first episode anyway. The things I do for this website...

1 - The Red Burning Heat, Gills
The Devil Vandel has emerged, along with his demon henchmen, with plans to exterminate the human race. Against this menace stands Beet, determined to bust Vandel's plans (hence "Beet the Vandel Buster"...), with the help of his allies. The episode's villain du jour is Gills, who has a hard time believing someone as small as Beet could be a Buster - until he has to fight him. Not surprisingly, after much shouting, a few transformations, and an incredulous "how could I lose to a kid?!", Beet emerges victorious. The rest if the episode then skips back three years to explain how Beet first became a Buster.

Okay, so Poaro's cute, but this is really just another 'silly shounen fighting show' - lots of fighting, shouting, and trying to prove who's the strongest. They even measure each other in terms of 'levels' (somehow I suspect there's a collectible card game that goes along with this show...). Expect power-up episodes and such later, no doubt. Fans of the likes of Shaman King and Groove Adventure Rave are most likely to get a kick out of this, but it's not really my kind of show. Pass...