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Thursday, 18 May 2006 00:00
Punie in cute-modeAh, the joys of magical girls, where cuteness and sweetness abounds.  Until Dai Mahou Touge's Punie Tanaka arrives, at least - with her transformation call of "Lyrical Tokarev, Kill them All!!", you somehow just know this isn't quite going to be in the same category as PreCure or Cardcaptor Sakura...

1 - The Miracle Rod Brings Terror to the School Festival*?!  The Episode Where Magical Princess Punie Arrives!!
Punie Tanaka has been sent by her parents to spend a year on earth as part of her training to become Queen.  When she transfers into a new school, her natural cuteness means she's an instant hit with the boys, and earns her the instant hatred of the girls (who wouldn't look out of place in Cromartie High).  Led by Anego (the only one of her gang who's even halfway attractive), they're about to discover that messing with Punie's magic isn't a good thing.  And that's before she lets loose with her impressive array of submission moves...

Anego feels Punie's wrathPunie, angry-mode...

2 - The Crazy and Cute Mascot * The Episode Where Paya-tan Arrives
All magical girls need a mascot - except Punie left hers at home.  Eager to find his mistress, Paya-tan travels to earth to meet up with her.  He's originally from the Waco-Waco Mascot Village, a town which would make the Wild West look tame.  Paya used to be the toughest hombre in the village - until Punie came to town...

In the Mascot VillageReady for a challenge

I couldn't help but keep thinking of Excel Saga while I was watching this - it's certainly whacked-out enough for that to be a fair comparison.  Fortunately, while the adventures of Excel and Hyatt did nothing for me, Punie's far more enjoyable to watch - so far, at least.  Another good comparison would be Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan, in terms of combining extreme cuteness with extreme violence - and Punie doesn't even need a club to layeth the smack down, she's perfectly capable of doing it with her bare hands.

In amongst the mayhem there may even be the first stirrings of a story.  The old line of "travelling to earth to prove yourself worthy" may not be hugely original, but that's not really the point here.  Anego and her friends provide some level of opposition for Punie, but there's a mysterious bad guy on the go who seems determined to undermine Punie as much as possible - initially by helping Anego and her band of delinquents out, but I'll bet there'll be some more direct involvement later.

Against my better judgement, then, this is a keeper.  It's not remotely original and doesn't have anything that really makes it stand out, but it is fun to watch, and half-length episodes keep the gags from wearing thin too quickly.  Worth a look, at least.