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Monday, 06 September 2004 00:00
Comic Party Revolution - Episode 1A slight change of setting from the Comic Party TV series brings us the Revolution OVA - which, while doing away with anything but the basics of a plot, manages to be more enjoyable than its predecessor...

1 - I Want this Book to Sell!
Ayu's having problems selling her manga, as usual - her quiet nature isn't exactly best suited to drawing the Comic Party crowds. Kazuki finally manages to persuade someone to pick up a copy, though - Subaru, and she's blown away by what she reads. Seems all that's needed is some help in the marketing department - and according to Yuu, some moe elements wouldn't help either. Naurally, Eimi and Taishi have their own 'valuable' advice to give - but will any of it make a difference? Meanwhile, the stress of working to a deadline proves too much for Kazuki...

2 - Take Me to the Sea!
Summer holidays - except for Eimi, who's been failing badly in class & has summer tutoring. She's desperate to get at least some of the summer holiday experience, though, so she pesters Kazuki until he agrees to take her to the beach. He agrees - on condition she's not skipping any catch-up classes to do it. And so begins Eimi's new mission - to make sure Kazuki doesn't find out about her make-up classes - but no matter what disguise she tries, people keep managing to recognise her...

The TV series had its grand ongoing story about Kazuki's introduction to the doujinshi theme, and while that was all well and good it did kinda get in the way of the comedy. Revolution is able to do away with all of that - it assumes you already know the characters, and just gets down to a series of good comedy moments. Being an Eimi fan, episode 2 is my personal favourite, but both of these will easily bring a smile to your face.

If I had to point out downsides, I'd say that a lot of the cast are hard done by in terms of screen time (Comic Party has such a large cast it's impossible to give them all a decent showing), and the parody aspect seems to have been toned down somewhat (or I could just not be recognising them). Either way, it didn't really affect my enjoyment of the show.

Comic Party TV was always kinds so-so for me - this is much better, and comes well recommended.